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  • Pallanguzhi – Reviving Traditional Games

    Pallanguzhi is one of the age-old South Indian Game very famous in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Its know as Ali Guli Mane in Kannada and one
  • Channapatna stick

    Channapatna Color Sticks

    Channapatna toy making – Colour Sticks The wonderful colours you see in the products comes from the lac sticks.These sticks are creating by mixing Shellac
  • Organic colors

    Organic Colors for Toys

    With the increasing popularity for organic colors and natural color product, Channapatna products play a pivotal role.The colors used in the craft are non toxic
  • channapatna wooden toys

    A Brief History of the Channapatna wooden toys

     Channapatna wooden Toys If the beautiful and quaint little town of Channapatna in the rural Bangalorian district of Karnataka state in India is known for
  • dancing doll

    Toddler’s Life without Toys

    Kids are blessing by God to let us live our childhood once again, yes, kids are the small gifts which keep us smiling, playing and