LIVECRAFTS is a social enterprise started with the idea of bringing in contemporary designs and concepts into the world of craft making. Having a rich tradition of creative culture, India is famous for its handicraft products. But the faceless artisans who struggle to make these wonders are hardly remembered. The craft gets its full value when you know how its produced and who produces. We believe we can bring in some value and exposure to these genius faces.

We are working on designs and ideas created by young artisans and creative designers.

We need the craft to be LIVE, the designs to be LIVE and the marketing to be LIVE.

If you have an idea to market, idea to produce, write to us and we would like to hear from you.

Our Team

Master Designer: Suhel Pervez

After completing his graphics designer course in Bangalore, this 3rd generation artist decided to go back and support his father’s business. His utmost passion towards promoting the Channapatna craft, bring contemporary designs into the market makes him one of the new generation face of the industry