Having a rich tradition of creative culture, India is famous for its handicraft products. But the faceless artisans who struggle to make these wonders are hardly remembered.

The craft gets its full value when you know how its produced and who produces. We believe we can bring in some value and exposure to these genius faces.

Our struggle is to make every buy an informed buy, sharing the story behind the craft and how they are born.

You know the artisans and support they require to make more crafts, different crafts.

This very belief gave birth to the idea of LIVECRAFTS.

Our Team

Team of designers and manufacturers came together with the very idea of bringing in a change the way we manufacture and buy handicrafts.

Every craftsman associated with us owns the brand and partner with us to bring this wider audience.

Our Focus…

  • Provide opportunity for creative women artisans
  • ​Make Craft and Handicraft products part of daily life
  • Bring in efficiency through research and new tools and process
  • Maintain transparent pricing without compromising on quality

Power of One

​The rich tradition of Indian handicraft is just because the invisible faceless artisans behind the craft. They work tirelessly to bring life to the craft which adores our living rooms.

​To retain and promote these age old crafts, we need more artisans focusing towards this segment. We need to collectively address the challenges they face and ensure the craft is handed over to the next generations.

​To support the artisans overcoming the numerous struggles such as poor healthcare, support for kids education, easy reach to market, fair value pricing, we have launched ‘power of one’ initiative.

​Every sale we make 1% of the sale value goes towards the welfare of the artisans.

You can join us – you just need to purchase a LIVECRAFTS product and we will update you how your support reached the deserving hands.