Channapatna Color Sticks

Channapatna toy making – Colour Sticks

The wonderful colours you see in the products comes from the lac sticks.These sticks are creating by mixing Shellac with non toxic colours. It needs experience and patience to make these colour sticks.

The process involves

  • Heating the shellac pieces
  • Mixing colours at the right temperature
  • Creating the colour sticks when the mix gets the right treatment.

Every established channapatna artisans will have an experienced colour mixing artisans.

There are 5 standard colour sticks generally made.

Red colour sticks – Mixing kumkum with lac

Yellow Colour sticks – Mixing turmeric with lac

Green colour sticks – Vegetable leaf extracts

Orange colour sticks – Saffron extract and blue which is from indigo mixed with lac

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